Our Initiatives

Freedom and a Second Chance for Prisoners

That under trials who are in prison for the first time for petty offences are repentant and get another chance to live a life of integrity and dignity.

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Holistic Growth for Children in Observation and Children’s Home

That children grow holistically and responsibly and are joined to families.

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Transformation for Trafficked Women and their Children

That women in red light areas choose freedom from slavery and embrace an alternate lifestyle and livelihood. That children living in and around red light communities have the opportunity to grow holistically and have a safer future.

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A Home of Joy for Vulnerable Girl Children

To provide a home for vulnerable girl children in order to grow them holistically in a family environment, and to pursue integration as they become responsible and positive contributors to society.

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A Home of Glory for Orphan and Semi-orphan Boys

To provide a home for at-risk children to pursue holistic growth within a family environment, in order to become responsible and positive contributors to society.

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Light for Visually Challenged Persons

Uplifting of visually challenged community.

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Education for Children in a Tribal Village

That all the Chaphewadi Village children complete their academic education and be suitably trained in a professional skill that will make them employable.

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Interventions among Street Children

The United Nations estimates that there are about 2.5 lakh street children in Mumbai

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Empowering Adults through Literacy

Opening doors of education for 50 adults every year.

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Interventions among Persons with Hanson’s Disease

Over 12000 leprosy cases registered in Maharashtra

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