Amy’s experience of Rajesh Koothrappali is sort of tricky, nevertheless they are best friends

From inside the “The latest Unicamente Oscillation”, Sheldon throws Amy out from the apartment therefore they can enjoys particular quiet time working. She hangs in Leonard and you can Penny’s apartment and starts to thread that have Leonard. These people were each other spelling bee winners and bore Penny having a night of them seeking to stump one another with spelling terminology. The following nights they start reenacting old senior high school research projects for example undertaking hot freeze and building a trend front out of popsicle sticks.


Amy’s experience of Howard can be a bit challenging exactly the same way as it is that have Sheldon, however they are best friends. She, such as for example Sheldon and you may Dr. Gablehauser, renders fun from Howard to possess not having a beneficial doctorate as well as their most other idiosyncrasies; although not, when you look at the “The Scavenger Vortex,” she and Howard spend your time by yourself to one another for the first time and you can thread more a shared love for Neil Diamond music, thought performance vacation and stop the new event that have karaoke. She appears to have far more regular enjoyable having Howard than just that have Sheldon. It just after chatted about carrying it out once more, however in “The brand new Fermentation Bifurcation”, it’s showed that it have not then followed through to it subsequently as well as their shared talk is going to be hard. From super sexiga filippin kvinnor inside the “The latest Collaboration Pollution”, Howard and you may Amy are working to each other to your a head controlled automatic product. Howard surprises their particular together with secret as well as spend spare time playing musical each dancing to one another, things Amy doesn’t get regarding Sheldon.


Her experience of him is explained in the same way it is by using Sheldon. In “The fresh Santa Simulation”, the inventors prefer to enjoy a-game from Dungeons and Dragons more than

preparations due to their girls, compelling Amy, Cent, and you can Bernadette visit a bar to own a ladies’ night. Raj tags along with them just after their D&D reputation passes away in very first 5 minutes. During the bar while the girls are making an effort to help Raj come across a beneficial girl, Raj shows to them he had something to possess Penny and you will Bernadette, but usually tries to particularly a good pal’s girlfriend one to on a beneficial day. Amy following claims one to Raj need had something to have her, however, the guy reacts which have a zero. Harm by remark, Amy reveals their unique previous unfortunate enjoy about men, such how one-time she handed out at the an excellent frat mixer and you can woke up with even more outfits on the, Raj then empathizes together with her from the his problems that have girls and it smile a small at each almost every other having Amy posting comments toward their unique newest experience of Sheldon and exactly how this may happens with Raj and you will a great girl. Once they are about to exit, Amy says that she’s a beneficial given that she knows Raj loves her and you will Raj comes after away having Cent proclaiming that he form out-of enjoys their now that the guy knows she actually is perhaps not into the your. Boosting on dating anywhere between Amy and you can Raj given that they one another see he is to one another in the overlooked department of the contrary gender. For the “The new Relationship Turbulence”, Raj requires Amy to answer good girl you to definitely answered Raj’s dating website. Although the girl thinks that Raj is simply too bashful and you may inactive, she really does hit right up a friendship with Amy. After Raj costs inside on their coffees get-to each other, the guy ruins a potential friendship having Emily for of those. Amy ‘s the just member of the team that continuously calls your “Rajesh”. The guy and you will Howard also try to greatly help Amy that have Bert just who has actually good crush on he rand it become planning to a rock show which have Bert.