During the “Brand new Relationship Turbulence”, Emily responses Raj’s dating site and you will Raj has Amy reply to own your

From inside the “New Bon Trip Reaction”, Raj wishes Lucy to hang aside along with his members of the family. Lucy are hesitant, however, agrees to meet up with which have you to definitely. Earliest, Raj asks Leonard, until Cent ways possibly among the many women’s want to do it. Penny and you will Bernadette are way too pretty and could end up being harmful to Lucy, thus Amy signifies that it should be their given that she are the fresh new outsider of the category. During the food, Amy is these are their particular experience on the group and what you is going really up to Raj again actually starts to push Lucy. Raj informs Lucy one she doesn’t have in order to if the she doesn’t must. Amy reactions that they will be disregard him since he does not understand one to she knows the severity of Lucy’s societal anxiety. Raj things so you can their particular conversing with people regarding social stress when the he’s got a personal anxiety which makes them socially nervous, Amy after that will get annoyed and tells your one Montevideo kvinder she is good neurobiologist which she is far more competent to know what was not working in his girlfriend’s attention. Amy is even speaking with Raj since if Lucy is not even there. Raj responds that she actually is perhaps not his girlfriend even when he instantaneously asks Lucy in the event the she might possibly be. Lucy is getting significantly more embarrassing when Raj adds if she states no, he’s going to never be pleased again. Lucy runs off to the bathroom. Raj tells Amy that they might as well eat while the she isn’t going back soon. Later on she agrees to come quickly to Leonard’s going away class once Raj begs their particular to come. In the class, Lucy was late right after which messages your one she is not upcoming. And, she tells him one maybe they shouldn’t select each other once again in addition they break up hence really upsets Raj. Finally immediately following Cent requires Leonard into the airport, Raj discover that their expertise in Lucy features helped your rating doing their choosy mutism when he discovers he is able to keep in touch with Penny, no alcoholic beverages.

In the “The fresh new Itchy Head Simulation”, Cent matches Lucy on Cheesecake Factory and you can yells in the her to own breaking up having him of the email address. She including tells their own that Raj is devastated hence she was a detrimental individual. Lucy up coming asks to possess java that have Raj and apologizes exactly how she dumped your. Raj hopes they can get together again; although not, she’s today seeing someone.

Janine Davis (Regina King) [ ]

In “The fresh new Hofstadter Insufficiency”, Raj would go to a-work social to fulfill female and runs to your recently split Janine Davis. Very first, the guy insults their unique, and then once a crude apology, they sit-down and just have a grown-up conversation once the household members, new things for Raj. Just after she simply leaves, the guy however brags so you can Howard that he wants more, however, admits you to definitely he’ll probably not follow up on it.

Yvette this new Vet [ ]

In the “This new Locomotive Manipulation”, when you are underneath the care of Leonard and you can Penny, Cinnamon consumes a package regarding Romantic days celebration candy which can make a great puppy quite sick. Whenever Raj are at brand new veterinarian’s work environment, he’s very annoyed having Leonard and Penny and incredibly protective out-of their dog. So it report meets brand new veterinarian whom including possess a dog. Into rules she provides Raj, she in addition to gets your their contact number. Nothing appeared to have come out of it as Yvette is never seen or heard about again.

Emily Sweeney (Laura Spencer) [ ]

Emily discovers Raj as well bashful and passive, but has plenty in accordance with Amy so they plan to acquire to one another. Raj fees in the seeking not be passive, but Emily discovers him strange and you can without any limits and you will simply leaves. Raj keeps damaged a prospective relationship both for your and Amy.