She would like to have a similar brand of friendship with Sheldon

Inside “The newest Watching Party Burning”, during the a combat Leonard explains to help you Cent the brand new weird aunt/brother matchmaking she and you will Sheldon possess and that Amy was jealous regarding. Cent usually takes Sheldon’s top because of their unique sibling feelings getting him.

During the “This new Reclusive Potential”, matron off honor Cent places Amy a good bachelorette class one to consisted away from a great quilting bee due to the fact Amy loves things

From inside the “The new Matrimonial Metric”, immediately after Sheldon and you can Amy take to people they know to select people in the marriage party, Cent quickly realizes that Amy are her closest friend. She upcoming gets pissed you to definitely Amy failed to chose their best friend because the bridal party. She blasts into the Amy’s flat calls their own an enthusiastic idiot if she doesn’t prefer their closest friend just like the her bridesmaids. Amy is really delighted when Cent admits they are most useful relatives, hugs their securely and you may phone calls their unique “Bestie.” Before throughout the seasons, Amy secret in the event that she is allowing their particular friendship which have Cent endure given that she is actually now managing her boyfriend.

Amy try distressed looking for something wilder, so that they big date taking and you can she entry out quickly. Later Penny and you may Bernadette explain each one of these insane items that Amy did therefore she thinks she had a good time.

For the “The Ribbon Tie Asymmetry”, Penny arranges picking up the fresh family unit members that will be weighed down because of the Amy’s mom’s comments and character. If the relationships try put off considering the absence of the newest groom and bride she explodes whenever she discovers Sheldon, Amy and you may Leonard “doing research” in lieu of getting married. Sheldon agrees with Penny so the wedding starts. Cent are bursting with pride from the wedding of their several best friends engaged and getting married.

In the “New Stockholm Disorder”, Leonard and you will Penny japancupid dating was staying a secret one to she actually is pregnant. When Amy and you can Penny see their finally top fitting, Amy is extremely delighted you to hers must be help during the and you will Penny’s had to be let-out. She doesn’t know Penny was pregnant. In addition to she actually is disappointed you to Penny failed to share with their unique prior to as the he or she is besties. At ceremony Amy prompts every woman looking technology to help you go for it.


Amy is additionally next to Bernadette he is close friends, even if significantly less romantic once the the woman is which have Cent (of around three, Amy takes into account Bernadette to be ‘the minimum cool’). This woman is and additionally really head and you can condescending so you’re able to their own in the beginning in their friendship getting in touch with their particular “needy” and you can “insecure”. Amy and Bernadette are both biologists and have doctorates, leading them to able to converse intellectually. Amy had immediately after entitled Bernadette an excellent wildebeest, but rapidly contributes “which have locks you to smells from strawberries” after Bernadette’s impulse demonstrating you to definitely Amy cares adequate on the their so you’re able to try to fit a confident quality after insulting her, that will be very happy to get a bridesmaid at Bernadette’s marriage. Bernadette, in the event she on occasion feels one to Amy are creepy, thinking their own enough and make up along with her to have not asking Amy to join their particular wedding top shopping example with Penny, and also make Amy their particular maid of honor. Bernadette is far more shameful which have Amy’s “beyond your box” statements, while Penny is more familiar with all of them being household members that have Sheldon.

In “The fresh Speckerman Reappearance”, Amy and you will Bernadette shared the brand new reports off the way they was indeed bullied throughout their college or university ages, having Bernadette’s associated with an instance of having their gowns taken away because of the Tammy Bockneck and you may replaced with an enthusiastic elf outfit one to turned off to getting too-big to own her, and you may Amy’s having that have furry knuckles because of keeps Rogaine added so you can their own hand cream. These were not astonished when they realized you to definitely out of the three girls, Penny try alone exactly who left high school unharmed, just like the she try usually the one performing the intimidation. Bernadette along with will act as a form of translator, converting Amy’s terminology such “assuage” and you will “altruism” to help you models which might be much simpler you to Penny can understand. You’ll find in most cases in which their own closeness which have Penny overshadows Bernadette.