The guy complains that he’s lonely, which leads to Raj hating himself and you will being required to become confident off his worth

The guy once had a psychological standing called selective mutism, a reputable societal panic which rendered your struggling to speak so you’re able to women (with the exception of nearest and dearest, who had been relatively unacquainted with his condition, and deaf feminine, as seen in “The fresh new Wiggly Thumb Catalyst” as he you’ll cam facing Emily), regardless of if the guy rapidly found that he was capable temporarily beat this problem when you eat either alcoholic drinks-containing products and you will medicine or fresh anti-stress treatment. Regrettably, this new alcoholic beverages changed his personality additionally the medications had a tendency to provides harmful effects, such as for example involuntary deal with and you may hand movements, death of rationality, otherwise jovially stripping undressed publicly versus cognizance of its incorrect character. Raj was also able to chat from the presence of females once they was indeed part of a crowd, in the event the he was unacquainted with their exposure, or if perhaps he believed that they have already been drinking alcohol (an excellent placebo feeling, because found in “Brand new Terminator Decoupling” when he was able to correspond with Summer Glau whenever you are consuming alcohol, but once Howard noticed that the fresh new beer try low-alcohol, he may don’t communicate with their own). Whenever Lucy broke up with him Regarding the year six finale, “The new Bon Trip Response,” he discover when you are talking to Cent he is actually. really, talking-to Penny, whether or not he’d maybe not ate one alcohol since past nights, which generated your understand that breaking things off having Lucy checked to help you greeting your so you’re able to finally overcome his choosy mutism. By 12 months eight, he not requires liquor to help you speak at the front of females although it performed temporarily come back when he first attempted to possess sex along with his arranged bride Anu.

You to definitely priple of your second are when, during the “The latest Love Car Displacement”, the guy enters Leonard and you can Penny’s space while they are planning to possess sex, climbs on sleep and you can goes to bed, completely unacquainted with what the guy interrupted

Among Raj’s top personality quirks beside their selective mutism try his tendency to talk otherwise operate inappropriately for the majority circumstances. To the yet another celebration, he openly acknowledged with had crushes towards Cent and you may Bernadette really facing them, while doing so making them uncomfortable and and also make Amy distressed, and you may does not admit Amy’s change in state of mind despite Cent and Bernadette’s discreet work to indicate they so you’re able to him. Present in “The Santa Simulator”. Raj with his household members also provide made information such riding doing having good van to grab children for their proposed comical book shop and you can enticing these with candy, unknowingly recommending pedophilia.

Raj also offers a desire for a great amount of books, video and television shows which can be directed with the female group, such Twilight, The nice Partner, Grey’s Anatomy, Sex and Urban area, Consume, Hope, Love and you may Bridget Jones’s Journal

Whenever you are always sweet, Rajesh Koothrappali both relishes from the their friends’ misfortunes, particularly when he really stands so you’re able to selfishly make the most of told you misfortunes (including, such as for instance, as he anticipates Bernadette, exactly who he had a beneficial smash on the at the time, to break with Howard, figuring which he you will after that apply and you may move in to your her). Incase Raj will get a notion or really wants to say some thing some debatable during the a conversation, he whispers they for the Howard or someone else’s ear canal and when an effective woman is around. Howard really does decline to state it out noisy because the he finds out they stupid, offending, otherwise improper, but the guy looks like stating it anyway thanks to scoffing at the Raj. He comes with arguments having Howard tend to, are comparable to that from a married partners. They are recognized for playing with “gangsta” jargon, such as for example “fo’ shizzle” and you will several times utilising the phrase “dude”.

The guy has actually learning DC Comics, as the create his friends, but he dislikes Aquaman. Raj will obsesses more nearly-unimportant details for the fiction, such as for instance how the toilet are employed in Atlantis, this new you can symbolization regarding ponytails in the Avatar, whether or not Wolverine’s prostate consists of adamantium, what zombies would eat when the mankind went extinct, how vampires do shave on their own simply because they are unable to see its reflections, etcetera. He’s proficient in games and you may, including Sheldon and you can Howard, he idolizes Stephen Hawking. In lieu of additional dudes, Raj shows high demand for John Grisham books and you will Archie comics, the second becoming shared with Zack. The guy uses their parents desires and you can relays in it for money given that observed in the fresh episode together with his drone. The guy parents heavily go after its faith and this Raj including employs however holidays they if in case they are inebriated. Ultimately he averted getting his parent’s currency and moved toward a keen apartment more his buddy Bert’s driveway.