Disney is managing the evolution of the media industry, most notably the shift from linear television viewing to on-demand, direct-to-consumer, or DTC, streaming services. These remain very valuable assets that give Disney advantages as the industry evolves, but challenges exist, and we don’t think the new media landscape will be as b2margin profitable as the prior one. With Disney theme parks and Disney Cruise Lines fully open and video and movies back in production, Disney was off to a strong start at the beginning of 2022. If it’s able to post blowout profits next week, it would silence the criticism that it’s not doing a good enough job of controlling its costs.

Keep in mind, however, that this was based on Disney’s original OTC stock. Its IPO for the NYSE occurred on Nov. 12, 1957, with an initial price of $13.88. So if you had been able to https://traderoom.info/ invest in this timeless enterprise back when Disney took it public, just how much would you have today? Disney shares have lost badly to the market in each of the last three years.

Among the measures Disney has in store is a layoff of 7,000 employees, which Iger announced during an earnings call. The workforce reduction is part of a $5.5 billion cost-cutting plan. Iger reiterated the company’s forecast that Disney+ will be profitable by 2024 but announced that Disney will no longer provide long-range guidance on memberships. Disney has other businesses that provide for the development, production and licensing of live entertainment events. This operating segment also includes ABC brands for broadcast television and eight domestic television stations.

From fairy-tale Disney Princesses and diverse Pixar tales to Marvel’s superheroes and the Star Wars galaxy far, far away, Disney has a plethora of celebrated story worlds under its belt. And once Disney gets its four-fingered gloves on a fictional property, it has also mastered the art of monetizing this intellectual property. Share prices have fallen 2% year-to-date, missing out on a 19% gain for the S&P 500 market barometer.

There’s a reason why Disney is no. 7 on the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands 2020 list — its most recent. In his current role at Kiplinger, Dan writes about equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, funds, macroeconomics, demographics, real estate, cost of living indexes and more. What Disney shareholders would probably like to forget is that DIS stock has cratered since then. Profit and prosper with the best of expert advice on investing, taxes, retirement, personal finance and more – straight to your e-mail. Shares of Walt Disney (DIS 1.05%) fell by 6.9% on Friday following the release of Netflix’s (NFLX 0.60%) fourth-quarter results. For example, you can find Buzz Lightyear in theme park rides, themed hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins, video games, books, lunch boxes, and t-shirts.

Disney obviously has a lot riding on the success of Disney+, but ESPN is a top priority, too — so much so that the company is breaking it out into its own operating segment. Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution will be renamed Disney Entertainment and keep ownership of the company’s full portfolio of entertainment, media and content businesses, Iger said. A disappointing third quarter led to a major shift in the company. Amid growing losses in its streaming business, which has yet to turn a profit, shares dropped precipitously, prompting the ouster of CEO Bob Chapek.

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  2. Immediately, Iger restructured management to offer creative teams more power to see their projects through.
  3. With seven splits in total from that initial offering, an initial purchase of 1,000 shares would have become 768,000 shares today.
  4. The GOBankingRates net worth formula is a calculation of a company’s worth based on concrete, measurable figures like assets and revenue.
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Making movies is a hit-or-miss business, which could result in big swings in profitability for the filmed entertainment segment. The firm is increasingly tied to blockbuster films, making these swings even larger. Disney’s results could suffer if it cannot adapt to the changing media landscape. Basic pay TV service rates have continued to increase, which could cause consumers to cancel subscriptions or reduce their level of service. The most recent semi-annual cash dividend of $0.88 per share was payable Jan. 16, 2020. The company has not declared or paid a dividend with respect to FY 2021 operations.

For the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2022, Disney’s balance sheet showed $202.12 billion in total assets. The same report stated that its liabilities were $93.25 billion. By this formula, Disney’s net worth is about $108.87 billion. Interestingly, he took some major financial risks in his career. Today, Disney has 223,000 employees, according to data from Zippia.

Calculating Disney’s Net Worth

Although earnings per share were down $0.09 for the quarter, they rose from $2.29 to $3.53 for the full year. Strong Disney+ subscription growth continued, driven by quality content and an international service rollout, prompting Disney to confirm the streaming service should be profitable in fiscal year 2024. Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution is fully accountable for the financial results of the entire media and entertainment business, according to the annual report. It includes Disney, ESPN, Freeform, FX and National Geographic brands and networks, as well as studio entertainment and direct-to-consumer. Revenues from these brands come from affiliate fees, advertising and licensing fees for distribution. Everyone remembers how the pandemic clobbered Disney, whose theme parks and film businesses were especially exposed to COVID-19.

All this content now finds its way onto Disney+ or Hulu, strengthening those platforms’ competitive positions in the streaming landscape. The company was founded in 1923 as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio by brothers Walt and Roy Disney. By 1929 the Disney brothers’ partnership had been divided into four companies focusing on production, film recording, realty and investment, and other enterprises. Disney expanded into theme parks with the opening of Disneyland in 1955. The company issued its first over-the-counter (OTC) stock in 1940 and had its IPO in 1957.

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Many Disney parks and resorts around the world are open and serving customers following a number of closures throughout the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Face masks are strongly recommended for all indoor settings and required for all guests ages 2 and up on Disney shuttles and at first aid stations. Guests are not currently required to provide proof of vaccination. The advance registration system is new and allows visitors to book reservations up to several months in advance. In August 2011 Disney saw it’s stock price drop nearly 14% in one day after a number of multiple analysts downgraded it.

Walt Disney (DIS) Reports Next Week: Wall Street Expects Earnings Growth

Its money-draining streaming business remains on track to turn profitable by autumn. At least three theatrical releases slated for this year are from iconic franchises that have, historically, been box office gold. Management also recently raised its estimate of the annual cost savings it thinks it can achieve. Even the proxy battle could be a positive, if Disney embraces some of the better suggestions that activist investors are proposing. As disappointing as Disney stock has been for buy-and-hold investors, analysts like its chances of beating the market over the next 12 to 18 months. Of the 33 analysts issuing opinions on DIS stock surveyed by S&P Global Market Intelligence, 21 rate it at Strong Buy, four say Buy, six have it at Hold and two call it a Strong Sell.

Keep reading to see how much Disney is worth, including its market cap, significant operations and future outlook. Disney stock has been a part of six stock splits since the IPO,The first post IPO stock split happened in 1967 which was a 2 for 1 stock split. There were two more 2 for 1 stock splits shortly after in 1977 and 1973. The next stock split happened over a decade later in March 1986 when a 4 for 1 stock split took place. The 90s brought two more stock splits, one 4 for 1 in 1992 and then a 3 for 1 stock split in the summer of 1998. All these stock splits work out as 1 share purchased at IPO being the worth 384 shares today.

He also announced job cuts and said Disney will prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to creating content. In the most recent earnings report, Iger said Disney is set to surpass its cost savings target of $5.5 billion. Disney licenses its intellectual property to merchandise manufacturers, publishers, retail stores and more. It also creates video games, magazines, books and other print pieces.

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Additional businesses includes motion picture production for Walt Disney Pictures, Twentieth Century Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Searchlight Pictures and Blue Sky Studios banners. The GOBankingRates net worth formula is a calculation of a company’s worth based on concrete, measurable figures like assets and revenue. It takes into account only full-year profits and revenue from the past three years and the company’s assets and debts. By this GOBankingRates metric, Disney’s net worth is currently $148.59 billion.