About Sahaara

Charitable Society

Fulfilling Dreams of Individuals in the Vulnerable and Marginalized sections of Society

Mumbai, to many, is known as the City of Dreams. However, among the economically disadvantaged people, few realise their dreams here, with a vast majority relegated to a nightmarish existence.

The city is the destination for migrants from other poor parts of the nation who arrive here for a better life that eludes most. Some are tricked into the flesh trade, others on account of unfortunate circumstances land up in prisons, while still others face the harsh reality of a slum life.

Sahaara Charitable Society was founded in 1994 by a group of concerned citizens with the vision of Fulfilling Dreams of the Vulnerable and Marginalised in Society. This non-governmental organisation (NGO) empowers the poor to fulfil their dreams in their lifetime!

Over the last 25+ years, Sahaara has developed Core Competencies towards:

  • Providing Remedial Education to children in red-light districts and government homes
  • Providing holistic care through Hostels for at-risk kids
  • Reintegrating sex workers and prisoners through alternate livelihoods

What started as a simple initiative of a few volunteers has now grown into an organisation with 60+ staff working for seven programmes spread across Mumbai and its surrounding districts. Sahaara is accredited by Credibility Alliance and Guidestar, and its board comprises corporate/NGO leaders and businessmen who are committed towards the transformation of the city.

Sahaara’s vision is achieved through these Core Values:

S – Servant Hearted

A – Active Teamwork

H – Honour-based Culture

A – Aspiring to Excellence

A – Accountability and Integrity

R – Relationship-focussed

A – Appreciating Each Other

Fulfilling Dreams of Individuals in the Vulnerable and Marginalized sections of Society