Mahima Hostel

A hostel for vulnerable boys


To provide a hostel for vulnerable minor children to pursue holistic growth in a safe environment, while working parallelly for the reintegration of their parents so that the children can be reunited in stable and secure families.

The red-light areas are a harsh place for any child to grow up in. The high level of exposure to risk and lack of opportunities poses a threat to the child’s future.

Sahaara Charitable Society works with the victims of commercial sex exploitation in red-light districts and runs education centres for their vulnerable children who are prone to abuse, neglect and second-generation trafficking.

Through our work in the red-light areas, we identify the most high-risk children of female sex workers and admit them in the Sahaara education hostels with the consent of the mother. Here they are provided with safe accommodation, wholesome nutrition, mental wellness and quality English-medium education. This is undertaken with the goal of offering a safe environment for their holistic development through Individual Care Plans (ICPs).

Concurrently, we also work towards reintegrating their parents towards a lifestyle of safety and stability so that the child can ultimately be restored to the family in a 5-year window period. We achieve this through developing and implementing focused Individual Reintegration Plans (IRPs) that ensure literacy and educational support, skills building, and mind-set and behavioural change, leading to safe and stable livelihood opportunities.

At Sahaara, we believe that reintegrating the whole family will break the cycle of abuse and injustice, and lead to lasting change.

20 boys have been housed and cared for in Mahima Hostel.

Sponsor the education, nutrition and living expenses for a vulnerable child

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