Caution Notice

We are not offering any help or micro-loans telephonically.

It has been brought to our notice that some people are making fake advertisement calls or sending e-mails on behalf of Sahaara Charitable Society that we are disbursing loans. Please be informed that we are not offering any help or micro-loans telephonically.

In case you come across any such calls or advertisements, please call on our registered number 022-27547893 to confirm.

The general public and all our stakeholders are hereby cautioned that they should not rely or act on the basis of any such misleading information. The information about Sahaara Charitable Society and its partners is available on our website

Sahaara Charitable Society bears no responsibility for any associated loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly therefrom, in response to such emails, electronic messages or communications.

Sahaara Charitable Society also cautions that such offences are clear violations under the Indian Penal Code and Information and Technology Act, for which appropriate legal criminal actions shall be initiated against all such fraudulent persons/entities. Should you come across any such fraudulent incident, please assist us in taking appropriate actions to curb such mala fide activities by informing the local police station of your jurisdiction and also writing to us at or in the working hours you may call on 022-27547893



Sahaara Charitable Society