Note from the CEO

K Xavier Selvan

K Xavier Selvan


Greetings from Sahaara!



Dear Friends of Sahaara!

Somebody rightly defined the ferocious second wave of Covid19 sweeping our nation from the last 6 weeks as a Tsunami. The deadly impact of this second wave was first borne by the mega-cities of India – like Mumbai, where Sahaara works to fulfill dreams of the vulnerable and marginalized in society.

The local government was forced to declare lockdown like restrictions in the first week of April as the city hospital infrastructure could not bear the burden of the daily caseload of infections leading to a loss of countless lives.

Like last year the first populace to be impacted by the lockdown restrictions were the daily wage and migrant workers whose livelihoods were snatched over night once again! Since they generally live hand to mouth – they are now totally at the mercy of relief interventions to meet their basic needs.

This year the “Sahaara Emergency Relief Program” (SERP 2021) will have a two-fold focus – one on providing emergency relief services to the Vulnerable Communities and second to provide Covid protection and medical gear to the Corona Warriors.

The Emergency Relief Program will provide dry ration (food), hygiene kits, trauma counseling and Covid behavior awareness interventions to commercial sex workers, released prisoners, physically challenged, sick and the vulnerable in slum communities.

The Covid Protection Gear comprising of PPE Kits, N95 Masks, 3 Ply Surgical Masks, Goggles, Sanitizers and Soaps to Covid Centers, Municipal Hospitals, Police stations, Prisons and Government Homes. We are also exploring to provide Oxygen Concentrators to needy hospitals in our city outskirts and rural districts.

In the first phase of the Sahaara Emergency Relief Program we are targeting to provide food security for close to 15000 individuals, 1100 PPE kits, 75000 masks, 7500 soap bars and 25 Oxygen Concentrators.

I take this opportunity to once again to thank you each one for your support to the vision of Sahaara!


K Xavier Selvan
Sahaara Charitable Society