This is a story of Khushi*, who hails from West Bengal and who faced betrayal at every stage of her life. At first her husband cheated on her for another woman and left her. Then a known lady from her locality asked her to move to Mumbai and promised her a stable job.

Eventually she moved to Mumbai with her younger daughter leaving the elder one back home. As soon as she reached the city she became a victim of sex trafficking. After initial resistance as time passed Khushi was left with no choice but to accept her fate.

She was counselled by Sahaara staff at the Drop in Centre in the red-light district to start a new life by coming out of the sex trade and get back to her daughters. Sahaara as a part of her rehabilitation provided her with the required medical treatment and vaccinations.

With relentless efforts of Sahaara, in July 2019 Khushi left for West Bengal with her daughter to embark on a new journey of her life where she has now started to earn and support her family.

*Name changed to protect the identity