Kavita* is a soft-spoken hardworking woman from Mumbai. She came in touch with Sahaara at the Byculla Women’s Prison. After due diligence, Sahaara paid her bail of Rs. 5000/- and she was released. After being released, she had no job. The lack of education also makes it more difficult for her. With help from Sahaara, she got a job as a housemaid but that didn’t last long.

Her husband used to work and earn alone. Kavita wanted to help her husband and bear the burden of the financial stability of the home. She decided to start a small business with the lowest capital. She discussed with the Sahaara staff and they searched for the location of the business.

However, due to the COVID-19 Lockdown, she could not initiate the business. Subsequently with the lockdown, her husband lost his job too, becoming one of the thousands of victims of the lockdown. This led them to borrow money for survival.

Once the lockdown was lifted, she decided to start a business of roasting goats head and legs. She arranged a place for rent with a known person in the local area. Sahaara helped her with the Blower machine she required and she managed the coal and gas cylinder for the business. After starting her business, she has done well and earns ₹ 400 to ₹ 500 per day.

She is very grateful to Sahaara for support in starting a business.

She has a dream is to build her own house. With the dedication that she displays, we believe that she will fulfil that dream one day.

Name changed to protect identity.