With the COVID 19 pandemic hitting the world, the worst affected have been the daily wage earners. For them, this lockdown has meant zero earning, and many have been forced to go without food. It is more than ever, that the need to address such existential crisis has risen for us. We responded by providing food security to 16,650 needy individuals as of date.

Sahaara has been serving the children in the government observation homes for many years through education interventions, computer literacy program and over-all development of the children through life-skills, exposure trips and counselling. The children living in these Homes need care and protection as most of them have had traumatic childhood.

But during this pandemic, as much as these children need our support, their families are going through challenging times. We are glad that through our COVID 19 interventions we were able to help a family in utter need and distress.

*Sachin was admitted in the Observation Home when he was 16 years old. He was sent to the Home to find a safe place from the sexual abuse he had experienced as a teenager. It was here that Sachin’s case was referred to Sahaara’s field executive. Our staff began counselling Sachin and found that he yearned to go back to his parents. Sachin’s father, a truck driver who earned Rs.300/- per day, was the sole earning member in his family of 10 members.

After due counselling, Sachin was released to his parents by the Child Welfare Committee. Sahaara continued to enquire about his wellbeing. It was during one of these follow-up calls that our staff learned about the families struggle during this lockdown. It had been months that Sachin’s father could not find any work. The family had no income and had no food to feed the many mouths.

Sahaara provided the food and hygiene essentials kit under its Sahaara Emergency Family Relief (SEFR) interventions during COVID 19 to Sachin’s family. The family has been grateful to Sahaara for helping them in their most difficult hour.

*Name changed to protect identity