Often parents face tough decisions of choosing better lives for their children at a heavy cost. Jay’s* mother had the burdensome task of raising her two children after the death of her husband. She struggled to provide the basic necessities for her family and barely managed to stay afloat over the poverty line. But her desire to provide the best she possibly could prevail and she made the hard decision of sending 8-year old Jay to a government-run children’s home for his betterment.

In 2016, Jay was transferred to Chembur Children’s home (CCH) – a government institution were orphans and semi-orphans are cared for and educated until they are 18 years of age.

Sahaara conducts coaching and computer classes at CCH. The staff engages children through various age-appropriate learning techniques, induces values through educational videos, skits, stories etc. The children are also encouraged to develop extra-curricular skills like drawing, games, dance, music, etc. They are also taken for exposure trips.

Sahaara staff first met Jay when he enrolled for our coaching class. The staff saw his potential and worked tirelessly alongside Jay to help him cope with the lessons. He found understanding Science to be particularly difficult and our teachers through teaching, counselling and encouragement, helped him out with it. They helped him realize the importance of Science and technology in today’s world and how our lives are impacted by it.  Soon Jay started being recognized for his good academic performance.

In the month of June 2018, he enrolled in our computer classes. His initial struggle with MS-Excel was soon overcome with the extra attention the staff gave him. He now enjoys MS-office and MS-excel and is working towards improving his typing skills.

He is quick to put into practice the values that he learns. The staff has noticed his punctuality and regularity in attending classes. He comes neatly dressed and maintains good personal hygiene. Jay has a reputation as a disciplined child in the class.

He looks forward to small joys life has to offer. When asked about his plans he simply quoted “I hope to complete my education, and I wish my mother would visit me more often.”

We are glad that we can walk alongside children like Jay and journey with them for the highest good.

*Name changed to protect the identity.