Precocious and intelligent Amrita* excels at almost everything she puts her mind to. Now 14, Amrita who hails from Aurangabad was deserted by her father and stepmother while on a train journey to Chennai. She was found in Cuddalore Railway Station and was first placed in the Cuddalore Children’s home by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) before making her way to the Government Girls’ Home in Chennai.

She has been in the Girls Home since April 2018. She is a quick learner and can grasp things very fast if she is focused at it, she learned to read and write Tamil within a year. Few months ago things began to untangle a bit. She was reluctant to attend the counselling sessions and classes with the Project Diya run by Sahaara. With constant encouragement from the caseworker, Amrita was able to overcome her negative thoughts and became more hopeful. Soon she started working on her computer skills and started participating in all the group activities. She also learned to read and write in English. With regular interventions by the caseworker, Amrita has now developed a positive attitude towards life.

In Amrita’s case a caseworker was able to provide the right impetus to spark hope once again where it might have been lost for good. Amrita wants to finish her studies and help other girls like her in the future. The staff are working to reintegrate Amrita back to her home and community in Aurangabad.

*Name changed to protect identity