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Looking to a Brighter Future

There are times when we feel betrayed and lost in our teenage years. But to face the reality of the sex trade is beyond our worst nightmares. Sunita*, at the age of fifteen, was trafficked and brought to Bhiwandi red light area, a suburb of Mumbai, where she was...

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No more an orphan!

Suresh* would often run away from home. Though running away did not solve his problems, he didn't have to face his household problems either. Losing his father at the age of six and seeing his mother battling sickness, young Suresh was terrified of being left alone...

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A Second Chance

Desperation makes people do things often leading to regret. Mallika* was a victim of desperation before being labelled a criminal. Trapped in an abusive marriage at a young age of 23, she was burdened with providing for her two children. Mallika’s husband, the sole...

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To a place of safety

Sonia* is like any other teen her age. She is a bright child who easily makes friends, likes to go to movies, takes part in sports, and she loves art and craft. But eight years ago, life for young Sonia was not this secure. Sonia had grown up calling the dangerous...

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